About us

More than a data provider

Rock.estate is a Belgian data science startup, founded in 2017 by Kasper Van Lombeek (founder) together with Mathieu Carette and Pietjan Vandooren (co-founders).

We specialize in the remote and real-time evaluation of buildings on a country-wide scale to help companies understand their customers' houses. Through a combination of open geodata and AI, Rock.estate extracts and calculates relevant building information for any address (currently in Belgium) such as accurate 3D models, a wide range of building characteristics and different valuations.

Our building data enables our customers to save time and make better decisions.

What we stand for

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Accurate and readily-available building data

Our number one priority is providing our customers with accurate and reliable data, that is easy to use and implement, and which can be effective in any possible scenario.

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Continuous improvement and innovation

We constantly improve our real estate data by adding new characteristics, optimising the quality of existing ones, and expanding our geographical coverage. R&D takes a central role in our product development where we rely on the latest techniques in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

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A solution provider rather than just a data provider

We go beyond “simply” providing data to our customers. We focus on the problem our customers have and the added value Rock.estate’s building data can play as part of the solution.

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Focus on financial services and energy

Our team has over 30 years in-the-field experience working with large financial institutions and energy providers, in both data and front office functions. On a daily basis, we make the link between our customer’s challenges and the geodata opportunities we see in their industries.

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Plug-and-play where possible, tailor-made where needed

Our API, with its various reference implementations, is easy to use and lets our customers integrate our real estate data into their application. We help every customer navigate towards the most optimal implementation of our solution.

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Geodata as key ingredient

We use geodata, which is every form of information with a spatial dimension (having an X, Y, and sometimes also a Z coordinate)

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Addresses & maps

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Aerial imagery

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Airborne Lidar

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Extracting building information

After cleaning and structuring the geodata, we apply artificial intelligence on this aggregated dataset to extract building information up to a surprisingly high level of detail

Our building data
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Focus on open data

We focus on open data which is publicly available and free to use. This offers a high degree of transparency concerning the source of our product and has the benefit of being GDPR-compliant.

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Towards more data (regulation)

The European Union encourages its member states to open up (PSI directive) and harmonize (INSPIRE directive) their data. We are merely at the beginning of a real revolution where an increasing number of applications will make smart use of these available open data sources, both in the public and the private sector.

Our team

Our team combines expertise in the field of data science and AI with extensive in-the-field experience working for large financial institutions and energy providers. We understand your challenges and can help you.

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Pietjan Vandooren

CEO & Co-founder
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Picture Mat

Mathieu Carette

CTO & Co-founder
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Dirk Dodt

Senior data scientist
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Picture Mat

Mathieu Lessinnes

Senior data scientist
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Picture Victor

Victor Jabaud

Business operations
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Laurent Andrianne picture

Laurent Andrianne

Business developer
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Picture Simon

Simon Van Hooren

Geodata Engineer
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Picture Brecht

Brecht Vercauteren

Real estate valuation
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Thomas Pétein portrait

Thomas Pétein

Real estate valuation
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Chris picture

Christophe Leroy

Front-end engineer
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