November 29, 2017
Kasper Van Lombeek

Roof solar potential energy

Can we estimate the potential for solar energy for each roof in Flanders based on our 3D models for buildings? And what about the Zonnekaart of the Energie Agentschap Vlaanderen?

To estimate the potential energy that can be extracted with solar panels, we must calculate the surfaces, the orientation and the inclination of each plane of the building. This is possible with our 3D models, as each plane is parameterized by its cornerpoints.

3D house model

You could argue that this is already done in Flanders by the Energie Agentschap Vlaanderen. With the Zonnekaart project, you can calculate the potential yield for each building in Flanders. We have reasons to believe that we could significantly improve this. To illustrate this claim, we make reference to the screenshot below. It is the result of the zonnekaart of the same house above. It looks like they used some kind of image recognition to separate the different planes from each other, but that does not really look accurate… Why are the lines not straight for example?

Finding swimming pools

It is probably easier said than done. Lets see if we can proof our claim. We keep you posted!